Research Log 3: Namesakes and Name-Changes

As the research progressed it was startling how many faculty members from this decade have buildings named after them. Bushnell Hall(residence) was named for the Dean of Women during the thirties. Combs Hall(academic) was dedicated to the President during that time. Alvey Hall(residence) was named after a professor who taught during this decade. There were two “Dodd”s during the thirties, one male one female both however were professors, my sources were not clear if they were married or related. They were also not clear as to which one of the professors (or perhaps both) the auditorium was named after.

The name of the school changed in 1938 from The State Teachers College to Mary Washington College but what was interesting was the fact that student handbook seemed to be familiarizing students with Mary Washington. Mary Washington, George Washington’s mother, had  pictures of her home and different quotes that she said throughout her life in the student handbooks as early as 1933. It is unclear whether or not the students knew about the coming change or if they were taken off guard when they received a letter from Mary Washington College and not the State Teachers College where they enrolled. I doubt if it was that drastic of a change especially because the students seemed conditioned to at least know who Mary Washington was. Another change that came the same time as the schools’ name change was the name of the student handbooks. before 1938 they were simply called student handbooks, but after 1938 their name changed as well to The Bayonet to match the war theme of the school publications (The Bullet, The Battlefield). I look forward to continuing my research and working with my group to piece together the college experience for women during the 1930’s

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