Photo Recreation:Academics

These are the two images I chose for the academic page. The advantage to the one on the left is that it shows a glimpse into the classroom during the fifties however the disadvantage is that half of the picture is of the professor’s back. The one on the right is actually the one that I would rather do because the room that it was taken in still exists and looks very similar and I think it would be interesting to have the three pictures together to show how similar they are when we’re all finished. The only disadvantage is that the right picture isn’t in a classroom. Other than the obvious materials(clothes) I think either one will be rather simple to recreate and we would need the same materials for each one (old notebooks, books and writing utensils) the main difficulty would be finding a room for the photo on the left to be taken in because of the chalk board. I’m not too familiar with all of the buildings on campus so i don’t know how difficult it would be to work around that.

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  2. Brooke says:

    Trinkle has chalkboards still. I think the classroom on the left side, the math one? That had a lot when I took the Praxis test in there. I haven’t been in Dupont in two years, but they had chalkboards in there.
    If you could find a good classroom chalkboard you could always turn the desks around and make it look like the back of the class. Does Chandler still have Chalkboards? I’ve only ever had RA training in there so I wasn’t exactly paying attention.